Website Design


The website that started it all!!! After graduating college, I went on staff at my home church while pursuing a masters degree in marriage and family therapy. I started as a youth intern, shifted to a ministry assistant, and eventually was given the task of redesigning the website. I had done a little graphic design work before but had never tried to tackle Wordpress… and it was a beast. In the span of 6 months, I had crashed the site (twice), learned how to do basic coding, and redesigned a 60 page website. Learning as I created was both challenging and exciting. For me, it wasn’t just about designing a website but being able to visually share the story of the place that had become my home. It was the biggest honor!! 

Over a year later, I quit graduate school and started pursuing my passion for design. This whole thing is bigger than just a website— it’s the ability to partner with others to create, mold, share, and celebrate their individual story. This job is the most fun ever. Thanks for being on this journey with me.

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Web DesignAdele Bowler